Louis XIV Oranges and Lemons


Louis X1V is synonymous with grandeur, baroque with classical elements, rich brocades, silks and lots of gold fringing, sumptuous tapestries and mirrors, elaborate marquetry by Boulle; decoration was full of gilded carving, as over the top as possible, to display the wealth of the Sun King.

The architect of Versailles was Louis le Vau and the interior designer Charles le Brun. The formal gardens, created by Andre Le Notré, were full of flowers and citrus trees, protected in a stunning orangerie in the winter and in the summer, displayed in exquisite stone urns.

This is the inspiration for this richly coloured cushion.

Finished size:
46 x 46cm (18 x 18”)

Kit contains:
A colour printed 12 count canvas, enough Anchor tapisserie wool to complete the design, a needle, a colour picture and easy to follow instructions, all in a black glossy gift bag.

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